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Meeting the current and future challenges of media optimisation



Traditional approaches aren't keeping pace with changes in our marketing environment 

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, the challenges of measuring our performance and integrating our efforts (while navigating changing privacy laws) continues to perplex marketers. It’s the marketer’s version of more money, more problems – if the money is ad spend, and the problems are, well, all of the above.

We knew that traditional methods like MMM and MTA weren’t making the cut. MMM was too slow, MTA too narrow. Instead, we needed an approach that addresses the challenge of media measurement and attribution, and offers a new solution: a tool to proactively--and strategically--plan for the future.

To measure performance, Mevo is flexible by design, combining customer data at any level of granularity with sophisticated artificial intelligence to predict person-level results, without the need for person-level data. For quick and granular insights, Mevo Insights unearths customer journey, conversion, and KPI metrics by media type and demographics. And finally, to improve future marketing plans, Mevo's Scenario Planner combines your unique data with machine learning algorithms to eliminate waste from marketing budgets – helping our customers improve their ROI by 10-15% year over year.

We work with you to securely bring together all your marketing data, without the need for site tags, and define target KPIs to track against.

Connect and ingest media data and KPIs

Our prediction machines fill in gaps in the data to more accurately predict when, how, and where individuals are exposed to a particular piece of media.

Use AI & ML to predict exposure

See how media works together to achieve your desired KPIs, understand the customer journey, uncover what's working, and what isn't.

Understand the incremental impact of media

Optimize your media plan with our Scenario Planner, using your media data and our state of the art optimization engine to maximize ROI.

Run what-if scenarios

Validate Scenario Planner recommendations with insights from Mevo so you can feel confident before making changes in the real world.

Understand the “why”

Implement your experiment, track your results, and drive your growth goals forward with a strategic, data-driven plan that maintains your budget while exceeding your KPI goals.

Learn by doing


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